Serena Rogalski

Business Advisor

About Me:

Serena is a disaster lending expert and has spent endless amounts of hours researching the intricacies of what it takes to have the best results of getting funded and approved. She is very tenacious in her approach when working with lenders by advocating for her clients to find out exactly what is needed when filling out the complicated ever-changing applications for any disaster loans or grants.

Serena thrives in helping small business owners with business planning, financial analysis, projections and packaging 7a loans to find the capital they need to support their business.

In the past, Serena spent all her time navigating the best loans for businesses and worked in various industries over the last 10 years in managing, selling, marketing large production teams in real estate, hospitality, fitness, and wellness. She has led teams to maximum productivity and performance levels across all channels including breaking 6 million in sales records.

Expertise: Business Planning Disaster Lending