Impact Over Output: Why and How Your Startup Can Get Traction Tomorrow

If you’re a startup founder in the idea stage, this workshop is for you! You’ll learn how prioritizing impact over outcome can shift your thinking and give your startup tangible next steps toward traction, funding, growth, and success. Whatever your Big Vision looks like, you’ll come away with a clear impact statement to guide your true north, and you’ll take the next steps in defining your startup’s MVP. Tech doesn’t have to stop you from getting your project up and running. Join us to understand the action steps you can take right now to move your startup forward.

What we’ll cover:

  • The Most Efficient Founder Journey is Messy!
  • Design Thinking and Your Anchor Problem
  • What’s an MVP?
  • Getting Ready: Refining Your Impact Statement
  • Wrangling Your Big Vision: Defining an MVP with User Story Mapping
  • Impact Now: No-code Tools You Can Use Today

This event is hosted by StartupSac.

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