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Trinity Motors

Larry Davies left his home in the Caribbean to come to California originally for school but soon decided he wanted to have his part of the American Dream and start his own business. After 5 years working for a national telecommunications company he was ready to start and contacted the Capital Region SBDC in August of 2015.  He started by working with Gene Romagna initially to create his business plan for a Caribbean based restaurant.  But from his diligent work on his business plan he determined that he would have a much better opportunity as a small used car dealership. Working with the SBDC, he created his plan, obtained his licensing, and raised his own initial capital.  Two months later he opened his start up business. His new business, Trinity Motors, is based in Davis and is a licensed car dealership business that specializes exclusively in purchasing used cars from auctions and reselling them. Almost immediately his initial sales were profitable, and this after he spent $22,000.00 for all required licenses, leases, and securing of an initial inventory of 3 cars.  He now has grown to as many as 7 or 8 cars for sale at any one time, and is currently expanding his business to include high quality car detailing for new and after sales customers, and will soon offer a leading edge “paint” technology that is plastic based and much less expensive than traditional painting methods.

Larry continued to work with Gene with financials, business management and his expanding ventures.  Now that Larry’s business is strong and profitable, he continues to work with Gene to secure his branding and marking while looking to continue to grow his business.  “I’m very appreciative of the knowledge and support I have received from Gene, and the SBDC.  I would strongly recommend every business start-up to seek their valuable and no charge assistance.”