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Monique Cuvelier, president of online training company Talance, was repeating herself. She found that many of her clients—nearly all of them—offered almost the same training, had almost the same audience, and shared almost the same goals. After hearing the same challenges and solutions from people in different states across the US, she decided to bring everyone together and see if her clients could help each other and build better programs.

Talance helps organizations set up and execute training programs that enable armies of community-facing individuals to improve the health of their communities. Program alumni work with vulnerable populations who need help managing and preventing chronic illnesses such as hypertension and diabetes. Her plan was to create a networking group that could bring together leaders of each program. She wanted to coordinate efforts across the US, and identify opportunities for organizations to combine resources for their shared goals of improving community health.

Cuvelier brought up the idea to business coach Barbara Read, who helped her develop it. Thanks to her suggestions, Cuvelier founded the Community Health Worker Training Community of Practice (CoP). She set up a website (, newsgroup and started a monthly call.

A year and a half later, a growing group of 30 members from health departments in Washington, Nevada, Arizona, Illinois, Idaho, Ohio and more meet every month. They have shared curricula for Spanish-speaking learners, scoped out best practices for developing home visit guidelines and brainstormed solutions for various issues.