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Success Stories

Watch how the Glue Factory and Broadway Coffe work with the Capital Region SBDC 

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Conejo Bros. Media
With over a decade of industry experience that includes major broadcast networks, the Conejo Bros. have made it their business to bring top-quality entertainment and multimedia tools to their hometown community of Yuba-Sutter.
Belator Media
Independent photojournalist & photographer since 2005, Steven Styles is a Northern California native--member of Nikon NPS Pro & NPPA--member of the California Capitol Press Corps.
The Glue Factory
Gordon Fowler, Founder
In this video, The Glue Factory talks about their successful partnership with SBDC.
Graham Ryland, CEO and Co-Founder
In this video, Graham talks about how the SBDC helped Barobo move from Research and Development to a business focused on education.
Citrus Heights Crossfit
Brock Kelly, Owner
Brock called the Capital Region SBDC for assistance in December of 2014, Brock wanted to open his own gym after years of being a successful trainer.
Dimples Pediatric Dental, DDS
Rohini Rattu
Dr. Rattu started working with the Capital region Small Business Development Center to pursue her dream.
Family Chiropractic Welness Center
Dr. Rick Bonar, Chiropractor
"The SBDC was instrumental in assisting me in acquiring an 18-year old chiropractic practice in Stockton, CA."
Jeff Lemon, Owner
Foamtec contacted the Sacramento Region Small Business Development Center in November of 2008 hoping to receive assistance in applying for a small business loan.
The KC and The Keep Well Kids Club
Joan Jacobs, Author & Creator
"Because of the help and guidance of Ken Freeman of the SBDC, the vision has become a reality."
Loder Construction
Ron & Kathy Loder, Owners
Through the years, the SBDC has taught them how to develop a marketing plan; additionally, how to prepare financial statements to their understanding for implementation including the correct way to establish budgets and fully analyze them.
Mahogany Coaching & Development
Sabrina Coleman, President & Founder
Sabrina began partnering with her SBDC advisor, Gene, soon after her relocation to Sacramento in helping her to develop a marketing strategy.
MS Payroll
Mark Schwartz, Owner & Tax Consultant
"The SBDC taught me how to spread MS Payroll and expand its message to the greater Sacramento area."
Nathanial Mills
Nathanial Mills, Ph.D., Psychologist
"The SBDC has helped me learn the business skills necessary to open a private practice and has also helped me to become net positive in a matter of months rather than years."
OneHealth Practice Management
Travis H. Nagler, CEO
"The Small Business Development Center (SBDC) in downtown Sacramento has been WSTNagler_Headshota great partner in getting my business up, running, and successful."
Sinful Treats
Mariel Black, Founder
"I knew that I needed all the help and guidance I could get to create a path for myself and the company, and to stay focused on that path. This is where SBDC helped me the most."
Sonia Susac, Owner
TECMA is a registered Women Owned Business, and has worked with the SBDC consultant Bill Teeple who helped them receive a $600,000 government contract from NASA.
Ten Four Goods
Tanja Poley, Founder
Being solely self-funded, Tanja has expanded her product line by adding dish towels and has obtained the Woman Owned Small Business certification with the help of the local SBDC counselor.
Tote Tails
Edgar Atlasov, CEO
"Twelve months have gone by since I started my entrepreneurial journey and reaching out to the SBDC remains one of the best decisions that I’ve made."
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The Waffle Experience
Michael Donoho & Jeffery Belaski, Owner & General Manager
Eager to obtain the financing they needed for expansion, they spoke with nearly every bank in town without success. That is when they met SBDC consultant Scott Rogalski..
Arthur Murray Dance Centers
Kate Castor, Franchisee Owner
"Today I am a small business owner in Folsom, California because of the help and guidance of SBDC."
Casa de Español
Maria Harrington, Owner & Instructor
Realizing the need for working capital to be able to make a smoother transition to their new location on 11th and R Street, they turned to the SBDC to seek counseling for a small business loan in January 2015.
360 Janitorial Services
James Jordan, President
"I had an idea but did not have a clue of where to start. I reached out to the SBDC and they immediately went to work on assistance with the startup of 360 Janitorial Service Inc. Jessica Weeks was instrumental in assisting with ensuring that I was connected to the right advisors."
Broadway Coffee
Charles Bergson, owner
Charles came to the SBDC in August of 2014 looking to write a business plan and obtain a Small Business Loan to open a coffee shop in the Oak Park Community. Since then, his business has grown consistently, and he continues to work with Panda for business and marketing advice and to continue his business growth and potential.
KILI Drain Carrier
Cinde Dolphin, Owner
"Thanks to suggestions from the region’s SBA lending relations team and valuable coaching from SBDC mentors, I applied for and secured a Small Business loan. The loan shifted the trajectory of my business."
Trinity Motors
Larry Davies, Owner
“I’m very appreciative of the knowledge and support I have received from Gene, and the SBDC. I would strongly recommend every business start-up to seek their valuable and no charge assistance.”
Dustin Ryen, Owner
"Scott Rogalski was able to guide us through the process of getting additional funding, which helped us turn the corner and we are now enjoying a string of successes with the business."
Sierra Valley Moving
"We had grown the businesses from just 2 men and 1 truck into a million dollar business with dozens of employees!"
Aviate Enterprises, INC.
Lt Col Timothy P. Devine
"He received a 500,000.00 loan from Golden Pacific Bank, expanded his business, increased his sales by 6,000,000.00 and hired 6 new employees."
M and M Senior Living
Becky Thomas
"Thanks to Scott Rogalski with the Capital Region SBDC and assisting us with our loan we now own M and M Senior Living, a boutique-style facility that provides a safe and comfortable home to seniors when they are no longer able to live on their own and need assistance with their daily activities of living."
Monique Cuvelier
"Talance helps organizations set up and execute training programs that enable armies of community-facing individuals to improve the health of their communities."
Steve Wallen Swim School

"For over 40 years, Steve Wallen Swim School has been teaching swim lessons and water safety for infants, kids, and adults of all skill levels. Since working with the SBDC we have overcome some of our greatest obstacles in continuing to grow our business such as creating a more efficient business model, updating our marketing, and enhancing our online presence."