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Rick Bonar

Purchased business in April 2015 for $140,000.00, approved SBA Loan of $100,000.00, and has retained 2 full time employees.

The SBDC was instrumental in assisting me in acquiring an 18-year old chiropractic practice in Stockton, CA. Panda Morgan was extraordinary in mentoring me and in helping me create 3 years of forecasting and a professional business plan. With those, the bank loan was a bit of a breeze.

Ms. Morgan continues to support my business with continued support which is needed to provide a successful continuation of this amazing chiropractic practice.

Jessica Weeks was always great at reminding me of any upcoming appointments. I also had the pleasure to meet Christa and she helped me with the quickbooks application to keep track of my expenses and invoicing.

Thanks again SBDC. Great work to a successful transfer of this excellent 18-year old chiropractic practice. My patients thank you TOO!

Sincerely, Dr. Rick Bonar, DC