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Nathaniel Mills

Started business in January 2013, owner has invested $38,000.00 and has retained 1 employee.

Though, graduate school taught me how to be a competent clinician it did nothing to teach me how to run a successful business.

The SBDC has helped me learn the business skills necessary to open a private practice and has also helped me to become net positive in a matter of months rather than years.

In addition, the SBDC, has been helping me explore a general business plan. Barbara Reid (the SBDC’s local marketing expert) helped me understand my target market and craft a brand to best represent the services I offer.

These services have given me a huge leg up over other clinicians in my industry and in less than 12 months I went from working for someone else to having my own private practice grossing six figures. I am now looking at employing other psychologists and have just incorporated as the Sacramento Institute for Psychotherapy. I could not be more pleased.

Sincerely, Nathaniel Mills, Ph.D.