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Linda Bigler

Linda Bigler uses a wealth of tools and strategies to change how businesses operate for the better. 

Linda career includes 25+ years of High Tech HealthCare sales nationally and 10+ years of certified business coaching (including 5 years of ownership of an ActionCOACH Franchise in Sacramento). The advantages of working with Linda are many. Her process concentrates on how to build an owner, not just the business.  When working with Linda, she will not only guide the business owner in how to achieve their goals, she will hold the business owner accountable for their actions.   “Like an athletic coach she will help a client create their program and will guide them through it but won’t do their sit –ups for them.”  Therefore they can use the skills they have developed throughout the rest of their life.  Change the behavior, change the results!

Linda focuses among others, on these key areas:

Ongoing Business Planning and Development, TEAM Building for leverage, Target Marketing, Testing and Measuring for effectiveness, Sales/Service Training, Business/Systems process improvement, Employee hiring process, Knowing their numbers to increase profits, Effective Time Management Strategies as well as life balance tools. Her success has come by holding the clients accountable for their own growth through Commitment (homework) and Follow through.

Linda provides comprehensive tools and services to benefit those who want to take advantage of her business expertise.  She provides education through presenting specialized workshops, seminars, one-to-one coaching and recommending specific books and Podcasts.  She works with clients to help them achieve optimum business practices which improve the quality of life for both the owner and their team.  By utilizing a solid mission statement and creating an environment open to achieving goals, Linda encourages more businesses to take stock in their management skills and benefit from the opportunities offered from her years of experience.