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Kate Castor

Started business in April 2015, owner invested $15,000.00, approved SBA Loan for $35,000.00, and has hired 1 Full-Time and 3 Part-Time Staff

My name is Kate Castor and I am a professional ballroom dancer, competitor, instructor, and the newest franchisee of the largest dance organization in the world, Arthur Murray Dance Centers. Today I am a small business owner in Folsom, California because of the help and guidance of SBDC. I’ve always been very passionate of Dance and the benefits it offers people from all walks of life. I also had the ambition that someday I would share it to the community in a larger scale.

I started thinking about owning a business in my early twenties after receiving my Bachelors of Arts at Sacramento State University. Although I was an expert in my field and with over 11 years of experience as a dance professional, I didn’t know a thing about starting a business. It was important that I did the necessary steps to ensure success in such a scary and risky venture. I was fortunate enough to have come across SBDC, their classes, and their free consultations because they showed me step by step what I needed to do. They had experienced mentors who were sincere and truly cared about my growth and success as an entrepreneur.

My SBDC mentor showed me how to make a solid business plan, create and understand financial projections, execute SBA loan proposals, commercial space, marketing, and more. I achieved all those and succeeded in starting my small business. To this day I meet with my mentor on a regular basis and will always be very grateful for the SBDC organization for how they’ve enhanced my career. This coming April 2015, Arthur Murray will be celebrating their 103 year anniversary as a franchise, and SBDC enabled me to continue such a prestigious legacy as I also celebrate, the grand opening of Arthur Murray Dance Center in Folsom, California.