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Expert Business Advisors

Our advisors are here to help you! Do you have questions about a specific topic? Or you need more general guidelines for your business? Contact us, and we connect you with an advisor who is the most suitable for you. 

Paul Bozzo
Business model Development, create an investment-driven business plan and prepare an effective funding presentation.

Scott Rogalski
Alternative Lending, quickly able to identify your financing needs to secure successful funding. 

Veronika Monell
Start Ups, business strategist, brainstorming and organizing your Social Media Marketing needs.

Panda Morgan
Access to Capital, loan packaging and funding options for small business.

Andy Nester
Strategic Business Management, works with you to develop strategic alliances including acquisitions and funding.  

Ken Freeman
Business Startup, trusted expertise to grow an existing business or start a new business.

Clyde Green
Business Management & Discovering Capital, the foundation your business requires to continue resilience.

Megan Arneson
Entrepreneur, business coach and consultant with over 15 years experience across multiple industries. She holds an MBA in Sustainable Management and BA in Communications

Kyle Kaneshiro
Business and strategic planning, works with you to develop and execute your objectives and strategies for success.  Specific focus in technology markets.

Barbara Read
Specializes in Marketing, to help your small business expand and reach new places.

Jennifer Baker
Small Business, Non-Profit and Corporate Turnarounds, equipped to help clients with highly effective yet inexpensive online marketing tools.

Craig Hettrich
Sales & Marketing, assisting businesses to achieve profitable growth through compelling go to market strategies.  

Tanja Poley
Human resources, California and federal labor law compliance, compensation and benefits, recruitment, training and development, succession planning, organizational development, employee relations, corrective actions, investigations, terminations, company culture, and leadership development. 

Jerry Avila
Business Banking & International Trade, the answers you seek when exploring business banking or international business acquisition.

Wayne Cottrell
Finance and Operations, getting your business set up and on budget.  


M. Ester Gordillo
International Trade, assisting businesses enter or expand into the global market and bringing business to Sacramento.

Angela (Star) Laurence
QuickBooks, assisting small business owners to put their best foot forward and set their records straight.

Dave McDougall
Finance, Planning the financial future of your business.

Dan Rogers
Sales Coach, works with you to increase your sales and margins.


Michael Saccomano
Web Development & Internet Marketing, teaching business owners to utilize the internet to its full potential.

William (Bill) Teeple
Government Contracting, earn the government certifications and contracts you need to succeed.


"Our focus is to have the community see the SBDC as a business fitness center and not a business hospital. It's not where you go if you're a struggling business trying to fix your problems. It's a place to go for expert advice on how to grow your business. Some of the individual offices will have different areas of focus. Woodland is focused on agriculture and international ag trade. Davis and Folsom are interested in serving high-tech companies. Elk Grove is interested in health care."

- Scott Leslie, Metro Chamber of Commerce, SBDC Director