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360 Janitorial Services

I started 360 Janitorial Service Inc., approximately a year ago because I discovered that there was a need for more quality janitorial services in the Sacramento region. At the beginning of this journey I knew that it was imperative that I distinguished myself from the other janitorial services and providing quality, reliable service was the one way that I could succeed. I had an idea but did not have a clue of where to start. During a conversation with one of my close friends, he mentioned that I should contact the Capital Region SBDC. I reached out to them and they immediately went to work on assistance with the startup of 360 Janitorial Service Inc. Jessica Weeks was instrumental in assisting with ensuring that I was connected to the right advisors. She was extremely patient and provided guidance in areas that I had no idea that I was in need of understanding. One of the advisors that she connected me with is Bill Teeple. Bill became the catalyst that turned an idea into a profitable business. He assists with navigating through the certification processes that was required to obtain my small business certification, CAGE number and, my Minority Business Enterprises certification. He also assisted with numerous other tasks that are critical when starting and running a business.

As of today we have experienced tremendous growth and at a minimum, due to the pending start of our new contracts, we will double our number of employees during the first quarter of 2017 in the Sacramento region. In addition, we will be opening an office in the Washington DC/Maryland area during the second quarter of next year. We are focused on building a solid foundation that would ensure that we can provide quality service as our company rapidly expands. One of the relationships that has assisted in providing quality service for 360 Janitorial is the partnership that we formed with the Goodwill Development center. Goodwill has an aggressive 10-week janitorial training program that ensures that their graduates are ready to hit the ground running and can live up to the high standards of 360 Janitorial Service, Inc.